Tuesday, February 23, 2010

(12) Winter Pushes Onward

     Welcome back.  Even though it is snowing today, signs of spring are slowly showing their faces.  The day light minutes have increased and air tempertures are getting warmer.  The south side of the hills are losing their snow and some are now bare once again. 
     I have not spent as much time in the "Realm" this winter as I have wanted, but I managed three trips in January and so far, once this month.   Last week when I went out, I had not been there a half hour when four deer came by.  They all looked very healthy.  That was a nice feeling.  I got a picture of a red fox by day and it also looked quite healthy.
     Of course I have been glued the the Lily bear site with her new cub and that excites me to get more involved with the bears I saw this past spring and summer.
     My ideas of having a vegetable garden this summer have faded as I want to spend more time observing all wildlife.  I will still have a few tomato plants.  My building renovation plans are still a go but I will not increase the square fottage of the cabin.  Pictures will follow as the work begins. 
     I have read much this winter on many aspects of nature to better understand the life I observe.  Some of the books I have obtained; Zoology and Mammalogy, have caused me to buy refresher courses in biology, physics and chemistry.  I should have paid closer attention in high school.
     By the way, my snow shoes worked out very well and after a couple of trips on them I was able to walk with just boots and not sink in.  I will still be much happier when the snow goes as walking is so much easier.