Wednesday, July 27, 2011

(22) Recap of the Spring and Summer to the Present.

     There were enough nice days in April to dismantle the fence I built last summer.  I am happy that I did as I felt I was secluding myself from my friends (the animals).  It worked, the place looks nicer and the wildlife is much closer.  The deer have not eaten anything they shouldn't but a bear or bears destroyed a pink crab apple I planted.  I cut the tree to within a foot of the ground and it is now growing back nicely.  I moved more large rocks for continued rustic landscaping and planted a small amount of grass to keep the ground from eroding.  Keep in mind this is not a lawn, that would be a shame in the Realm.
     I have been able to take some nice images of birds, insects and animals some of which I will post here.  I also built another small trail and have maintained the others as well.  I have been fortunate enough to have a mother bear and two little cubs hang around this summer and exposed some very nice images and videos. 
     We have had enough rain to keep things nice and green and the swamps and pond pretty full.  The Realm has been certified by The National Wildlife Federation as a wildlife habitat.  A journalist from Milwaukee is planning on a visit to do an article on the Realm and my tiny cabin.  I am pretty excited about that.
     This bee was flying about and I got some nice images.  This one in particular.  I have spent quite a bit of time throughout the season photographing wild flowers as they bloom.  I will be cataloging them and adding them to the next Realm book.

     This sow and her cubs first came when they were only about fifteen pounds each.  On their second visit she felt comfortable enough with me  there to lay on her back and nurse the cubs not more that fifty feet away.  The cubs are very inquisitive and have come to within ten feet of me.  They no longer run up a tree when I am out and about.  I still respect that they are wild and follow all of the rules pertaining to black bears.

     It is amazing how much more I notice things as time goes by.  I guess my study and desire to be a naturalist has helped that but I thought I was always pretty observant.  I guess now I have actually trained myself to move slower, more quiet and constantly look everywhere.  However, the Wood Thrush has still alluded me but not her beautiful song.  Summer is not over and I am determined to see her.

     There are more insects around now that I have added native flowers to attract them.  This Monarch was nice enough to sit for a quick photo.

        This bull thistle is a favorite of the American Goldfinch in the fall. 

     I found this hairy little guy crawling along my foundation.

     and this one waiting atop a wildflower for a meal.

     I increased the size of the "arena" and this little guy is the happier for it.  I have counted a dozen chipmunks this year and they are constantly at my screen door asking for a handout.
     All in all, the summer has been excellent and I am looking forward to the rest of it.
     Meanwhile, thanks for looking and enjoy your space.