Monday, October 18, 2010

(17) From Observation Hill

October 18, 2010

     Greetings from "Observation Hill"  This photo is my desk situated on the East side of my tiny cabin.  From here I do, well, what I do; observe.  I also, write, draw, read, eat and of late have been planning the next volume of "Realm of the Eighty" The Biota of the Realm with views from "Observation Hill".  In this next volume I will have begun to examine the Biota of the Realm which is vast and could probably not be accomplished in a single lifetime but I will enjoy exploring what I can, while I can.  Also I will include details of my observation center, also known as "Observation Hill".  Plans include details about the remodeling of the cabin, Essays about personal thoughts, poetry and generally what I am thinking.  The book will be in three parts including;  Photography, drawings and sketches.
     Fall is upon us and we have had an excellent October, blessed with warm weather.  There has been an observed shift in the seasons as noted by summer birds leaving, more year-round bird activity.  Bears getting fat and ready for winter and the Deer have changed their colors.  I see less of my Chipmunk friends.  They have to be fat and sassy as they have not had to rely on gathering as usual but have full storage rooms of sunflower seeds, probably enough for several life times.

This picture was captured last night by my trail cam just a few feet from my front door.  Even though the resolution is not great you can easily see these bears are fat and happy.  The Sow, I guesstimate at between three hundred and fifty and four hundred pounds.  The cubs, who will stay with "Mom" for about a year are about eighty to ninety-five pounds.  The first time I saw them last spring, they were about fifteen to twenty pound, little balls of fur!  I give them a few goodies now and then to help fatten them up even more.  

    My experiences here thus far have been more than fulfilling.  



 I built this fence around the compound as an experiment to deter Bear and Deer from coming into the compound and destroying things.  I have succeeded in deterring the Deer but the Bear are still climbing over somehow and knocking over the bird bath and causing general but minor turmoil.  Oh well, after all, this is their land I have invaded.  Perhaps I will dispense with the fence in the Spring.

      I began an online course from Penn-Foster, "Forestry and Wildlife Conservation"  to increase my personal knowledge and help gain a better understanding of what I am doing here.  Who knows, I may be able to get part-time employment in the field as well.  Maybe even some government study right here in the "Realm".  Time will tell.

     Anyway, I am having the time of my life.  See you at the next Post and thank you for looking.