Saturday, April 17, 2010

(15) April Jottings

Everything is wonderful in the "Realm".  The Aspens and Maples are showing their tiny new leaves.  Ferns are popping from the ground as well as the day lilies.
Work is progressing on the cabin at "Observation Hill".
On Friday the 9th I started framing the new roof rafters, by Monday the plywood was installed and the roofing felt was nailed down just in time for the much needed rain on Wednesday. 

On Thursday the 15th I installed the fascia, a nice little touch, and stapled on the tyvek.  I have secured the roofing shingles, generously donated by a friend and will lay those next week.  I am still waiting for the siding to be sawn and that should be soon.
I am very excited about all of the progress, however, I don't think I will make the May 1st deadline so I will have to push that ahead a bit.  I am confident it will be mostly done by the middle of May allowing me to concentrate on the biota of the "Realm" and to begin collecting data for this falls expected Volume two of "The Realm of the Eighty".  Thanks for looking.

Tuesday, April 6, 2010

(14) Spring Remodel Begins

4/1/2010  I found an old swivel desk chair and spent three days refurbishing it for the cabin, turned out pretty nice.

4/4/2010  Nice and warm, 65 degrees.  The weather is nice enough so I decided to start some remodeling.  I removed the old window from the East side of the cabin and framed in and installed two sash windows, side by side.  These open from the inside and though smaller than the old window, provide a wider viewing angle, plus they look great.

4/5/2010  Cloudy and cooler but nice enough to work a bit.  Removed old window from the West side and framed in and installed another sash window there, also opens to the inside.  I also stained the new knotty pine paneling inside on the East side. 

Chippy's are very happy to see me each day and await my treats.

Saw a Purple Finch at the feeder today.

A new gabled roof will happen soon.  A friend with a portable saw mill is cutting new siding for the cabin.  I am excited.  All in future posts.  I hope to have the work done by the beginning of May so I can devote my summer to wildlife observation.

(13) March in a Nutshell

March was unseasonably warm and sunny although we could have used more moisture.  Our ground water is now more than three feet below normal, the forest is very dry.  Lakes are low.

3/09/2010.  Sunny, breezy and 45 degrees. We still have some snow on the ground.  I saw a Fisher during daylight hours and got a couple of pictures though not close before it left the area.  I took a couple of pictures of its tracks in the snow but they are difficult to make out. 

Saw my first Chipmunk of the season, I am not sure if it was Theodore but I have my hopes that that is who it was, later confirmed by the burrow in which he went in.  Good to see he survived the winter, though he should have, not lacking food as he stashed many pounds of sunflower seeds I provided.  I also observed several Chickadees, a Nut Hatch and a Downy Woodpecker.  A single Crow also stopped by to investigate.

3/14 Sunny, 60 degrees, very light wind.  Amazing how much snow has disappeared in a week.  Observed Chipmunks, a Red Squirrel, Nuthatches and Chickadees and a Hairy Woodpecker.  Did some work around the cabin.

3/15 Beautiful, sunny and 60 degrees.  Drove in for the first time this year.  A bit muddy.  I removed a window, framed in and insulated providing much needed room for new book shelves inside.

3/17 Nice 55 degrees.  Muddy road.  Built book shelves and observed many small flying insects that I did not identify.

3/20 Very muddy not driving back in until it is drier.  Deer have been around as corn is gone from the feeder.  As many as four Chipmunks around all battling for space, or is it a mating ritual?

3/22 Sunny 55 degrees.  Walked in.  Fed Chipmunks some seeds, Theodore ate at my feet.  Photos of various scat along the trails.  Woodpeckers.   Snow mostly gone.  Spent a couple of hours walking the trails.  Finally got my spotting scope and tripod, yeah!
3/30 Nice and warm.  Built more Birch fencing.  Moved water tank location.  Noticed Lilies and other spring flowers popping through the ground.

New Squirrels nest

Swamp pools from the runoff

3/31 Another great day weather wise but getting drier.  Able to drive in again.  Tree Frogs are peeping in the swamps.  Got a picture of a Leopard Frog.  Saw a pair of Mallards.