Tuesday, March 15, 2011

(20) Another Spring is Here!

I entered the "Realm" yesterday.   The sun was shinning and the temp was just above 40 degrees.  I got to "Observation Hill"  and loaded up the feeders.  Birds flocked immediately and I was pleased.  I made a cup of coffee and added a dollop of vodka to help warm the bones and watched.  I got a couple of good pictures and suddenly I noticed a chipmunk, the first of the season!  A huge smile crossed my face as I watched and I remember saying "Yeah" to myself.  So small yet so important to me. 
     My truck stayed in the woods all winter as I got stuck just after the first snow fall and decided to leave it there.  I stuck the key in and she fired off right away.  It shouldn't be long and I will be able to get her out once again. 

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