Tuesday, November 17, 2009

(3) Night Visitors

11/16/09 Two hours ago, it is now 9:30 p.m. I was sitting by my little fire on a chilly evening, enjoying its warmth. I had a radio at low volume for comfort and the fire happily cracking and popping. I heard above the radio and to the East a rustle in the leaves nearby. I leaned over and lowered the already low volume and picked up the flashlight. I shined in the direction of the sound and was met by the green glow of two eyes. They stared into the light but continued to near. Eventually, I discerned the shape of Mama Doe who was making her way to the corn trough not sixty feet away. She was slow and deliberate but steady. She made the trough and began munching. I turned off the torch and leaned over to tend the fire having a few sticks of wood handy. After the adjustment I turned my attention back to Mama. I could hear her noisily munching. Light on, she scarcely noticed me with the occasional glance, never of fear. Briefly I heard more rustleing and shined in that direction and two more eyes appeared; it was one of her young now full grown. Mama took leave of her post and moved slowly away. I thought I would lose them both but to my delight the younger took Mamas' place. Nearly a half-hour passed and she too decided to leave. She slowly walked to the Northeast, close by the cabin and worked her way back into the deep woods occasionally lowering her head nibbling at whatever. I was content and again raised the volume a bit as the "Blues" was good and I was happy.

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