Sunday, November 15, 2009

(1) Welcome

Welcome to my "Realm" This is the entrance. I hope I can help or be helped by the interest in this blog. It is difficult these days to try to accomplish the things we want to do, especially if they are not the "norm". So many of us are not of the "norm".

I have a small (tiny) cabin in this "Realm" that I hope will one day be my permanent home. Much time has been spent planning and considering what goes into the "Realm". I want it to be as simple as possible. Nothing I can't fix myself.

I am older and my capacity for earning income is less than it once was. Now, I have to consider every cent that I spend. Being raised when I was has not always been the best way to learn the value of money, or non-value of same. Essentially, I am saying I have wasted my share. I am learning every day how not to do that. Living a simple frugal life is the answer to my wastefulness. Unfortunately, even using this computer causes expense that I care not spend, but what a splended tool. I hope this tool can be used to my benefit.

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