Wednesday, December 16, 2009

(9) Second Snow

     A walk into the "Realm"  after our second snow.  No snow shoes needed yet and the deer movement is active.  They seem to take the shortest distance to their goal, but find many of our trails suitable for their needs.  They will walk along one of our trails and then step off in the same general direction, only the shorter distance and then come out once again on one of our trails.  The temperature is holding steady at 10 degrees Fahrenheit.  I am dressed for the occasion.  Moisture from my mouth and nose create ice buildup on my beard and moustache.
     My purpose is to remove snow from the roof of my cabin and to give seeds to the birds and corn to the deer.  I also brought apples as a treat.  The snow seems very light but is amazingly heavy.  I don't need the hassle of a collapsed roof with more snow.
     After the work was done I went inside, the inside temp. had already risen from the outside 10 degrees to a balmy 40 degrees.  I brought along water and put some on to boil for coffee.  I enjoyed a cup while watching various birds enjoy their treat of sunflower seeds.  There were chickadees, nuthatches and downy woodpeckers.  One flicker happened by as well.  I thought a second cup was in order, by the time it was ready the temp had risen to 65 degrees.   The time difference from when I lit the heater to now was about thirty five minutes.  I was impressed that it did not take so long, but then I am heating less than 100 square feet.  
     The sun was shining for the first time in several days but the time was almost four o'clock.  Time to hike out before dark.  The temp had dropped to two degrees.  I did not wait to see the deer come in but I am sure they did.  I will go back on Thursday to replenish their supplies.  I plan to stay over night next Monday.  Can't wait for another campfire out in the snow. 


  1. Hey Rick, I've spent a couple mornings with coffee enjoying your posts and comments to them. Found you on Tinyhouse...and thought I'd follow your adventures! Thanks for the opportunity.

  2. Thanks Jim, I am amazed at the response to my blog. Frankly, I did not expect any at all. I didn't know tinyhouse knew anything about this site. I'll have to look in on that. Jim, thanks again for looking, There will be new stuff soon. -Rick