Saturday, December 5, 2009

(8) Winter

     Winter is here!  Not official by date but the temperatures have dropped and ice has settled on the pond.  Snow is falling and now it will be more difficult to get to the cabin.
      I was ill for the week of Thanksgiving and not able to get to the cabin, however, this past Monday I managed a short visit  late in the afternoon.  I poured some corn into the feeder and to my delight within a half hour Mama Doe and her two fawns (nearly her size now) appeared for the feast.  They had survived hunting season, which thrills me and they couldn't look better.  I have to secure some hay for them and maybe some soybeans to supplement their corn.  Must keep them fat and sassy!
     I so long for simple days. . .where work is not so important, that is the kind of work that puts food on the table.  I look forward to the desired work to continue my existence in the "Realm". 
     Thanks to  I have further simplified my life my selling off  more "stuff" I no longer need.  The weight lifted off my shoulders is a good feeling and I will not miss the "stuff" much.  After all, it is just "stuff". 
     Most of the people I deal with on a regular basis do not seem to understand my position and seem to fear my slow but continuing effort to simplify.   Thus, I appear to be distancing myself from them.  My life views and theirs don't seem to mesh anyway and I am more comfortable with that.  In my world the things most people enjoy and expect are not a factor for my happiness.  Especially the younger people.  With this economy and how I feel our government is screwing up everything for everybody, I am amazed how the younger people still think bigger is better and more is the merrier.  They don't seem happy with small and paid for, and continue to dig into a debt filled life.  They seem to avoid the up front slap in the face we are getting and keep watching their televisions and buying all that is fed to them to keep them quiet and lulled into a fake existence that is tearing at the fabric of our lives. 
     I long to be at the cabin where no newspapers or television will ever be allowed.  I am content to enjoy my coffee and watch nature around me.  Nature that needs the human race to protect it rather than destroy it.  These beautiful creatures that share their lives with me have no knowledge of how close they are coming to destruction if we (humans) are not careful.  Our greed and selfishness which unfortunately is an inherent trait of our species; especially as our numbers increase at staggering speed.  We destroy not realizing we are doing so until it is too late. We WILL spoil everything for everyone including our unknowing friends in the woods, if we don't stop and think about what we are doing. 
     Many millions of Americans have not ever had the pleasure of seeing these creatures up close and personal in real time and in real life.  Most only see the nature shows on television  and many do not even care about those, being wrapped up in their own confusing, get all I can before you do attitudes.  We must be so careful as the balance is not so balanced anymore.  I, personally fear for that.
     Realizing this myself, I am trying to be so very careful  to do the right thing for me and all that I care for.
     This, being my third winter back from the tropics I am finally accepting with open arms, the frosty blast of the season, now that I have this new vision which has opened before me these past several years.


  1. I just want to let you know that all is not entirely lost for the younger generation. I'm 20 and in love with nature, especially the woods of Pennsylvania and New York. I haven't had a TV since I moved off to college, and I don't miss it. My dream is of a 100 square foot strawbale house, completely off the grid, and, as you say, with nothing I can't fix myself. I don't know yet how or when I'll be able to achieve that, but it is wonderful to see that there are people who have been able to do it. Thanks for being an inspiration.

  2. Thanks. I hope there are a lot more like you out there. We need all of you. There will be many obstacles in your path to your dream. Consider each carefully and you will do well. I still make plenty of poor decisions but learn from each one and continue over that rocky path that I have created for myself. Thanks again. -Rick

  3. Your doing no fav to the deer. Just getting them use to humans. They are wild animals. take the cash and give it to the something else. sorry but it's not right to do. You like the fact that a hunter didn't get them? Well doing this means that a hunter is going to get them. Humans and our scent well mean food and not something to fear. The doe might not get shoot but her fawns next year if you feed them well. It's same as feeding a bear etc.

  4. Me too, at 30, I have already learned how much of a burdon many mordern conviences can put on us after an extended unemployment after I bought my first house. Between that, a 0 down loan, and the falling housing prices in the chicago suburbs have left me trapped in my place for the near future.

  5. Anonymous, I appreaciate your comments. They may be wild animals and yes some asshole will probably shoot one some day. I can't stop that unless they come on my land which is posted. Anyone who hears of the deer I feed and feels they need to kill one is pretty low and has no place in my life. And yes I am doing them a favor as they will stay healthy through the winter to provide me with untold hours of enjoyment. Well worth any small amount of dollars I lay down. I also feed the birds. Do you feel that not right as well? Thanks -Rick

  6. Grant, Unfortunately you are in the same boat with way too many people, and it is sinking. Because you are young is an advantage. Weigh your losses heavily then get out. It will hurt now but you will be stronger and smarter for it in the long run. Our species is easily lulled into wrong directions but we luckily have the ability to overcome huge obstacles without many scars. Cut your losses, go small and paid for. Work less and enjoy life more. Good luck, and I mean that. -Rick

  7. How will you deal with tame dear if/when you start to grow your own food?

    Fencing is expensive and labor intensive if you do it well. Growing food seems like a good self-sufficiency strategy.

  8. Anonymous, The deer will never be tame. They are not behind a fence and never will be. There are hundreds of wild acres for them to roam. They were born wild and will remain wild. We have fed deer for years and years and have never had a problem yet. As for growing food where my cabin is, well, that will probably not happen to any great scale. The land is not fit as is to do any great project without extreme labor which I am not up to. A small garden is easy as I have done that for years. My life is living with nature. . . simply. It is that easy. Self-sufficiency does not mean having to grow your own food. I lived on sailboats for twenty years traveling thousands of miles and was totally self-sufficient. The only thing I grew was sprouts. Thanks for your comments. -Rick