Tuesday, April 6, 2010

(14) Spring Remodel Begins

4/1/2010  I found an old swivel desk chair and spent three days refurbishing it for the cabin, turned out pretty nice.

4/4/2010  Nice and warm, 65 degrees.  The weather is nice enough so I decided to start some remodeling.  I removed the old window from the East side of the cabin and framed in and installed two sash windows, side by side.  These open from the inside and though smaller than the old window, provide a wider viewing angle, plus they look great.

4/5/2010  Cloudy and cooler but nice enough to work a bit.  Removed old window from the West side and framed in and installed another sash window there, also opens to the inside.  I also stained the new knotty pine paneling inside on the East side. 

Chippy's are very happy to see me each day and await my treats.

Saw a Purple Finch at the feeder today.

A new gabled roof will happen soon.  A friend with a portable saw mill is cutting new siding for the cabin.  I am excited.  All in future posts.  I hope to have the work done by the beginning of May so I can devote my summer to wildlife observation.


  1. Hi

    Just discovered your blog on Nature Blog Network. Having lived in a tipi for 2 years and a small cabin for two years I really get where you are coming from. I like the frequent quips and observations. Thanks for letting us in.

    You and I have been blogging for about the same amount of time, we have a lot in common. Check me out at www.wildramblings.com when you get a chance.


  2. You sound like quite the modern Thoreau! So many people (myself included) dream of doing something like this but never actually will. I dearly loved northern Wisconsin when I was lucky enough to spend a summer there, and I'm envious of you. Anyway, I'm flattered that you've included a link to me in your blog!

  3. Thanks for the link Rick, I have done the same for you. I took the time to read some of the older entries. You make wonderful observations. Thank you.