Monday, December 28, 2009

(11) The Pulk

After much research, I bought the (small) Wild Outdoors sled, purchased locally for $29.00 plus tax.  My sled is product # 1610 and is 44"L x 22"W x 9"deep and is six pounds.  Their web site is    I cut two pieces of one inch pvc for the pull /tow bars and threaded  quarter inch nylon line to fasten to sled.  I have an elastic net with hooks to attach over top to keep gear in.  This sled is large enough to carry a twenty pound lp cylinder, fifty pounds of corn, a pack with water, food and clothing, camera gear, snow shoes etc.  It is not so big, making it easy to  pull around tight corners on the trails and quite light.  This keeps loads off my back and all weight low to the ground.  I will comment on how the pull goes while snow shoeing, it could be interesting.

P.S.  Grant Wagner had a comment and I will expound on that here.  He was interested in my pulk or sled.  I have always been aware of major expeditions using sleds to haul their goods and gear.  I wanted one but not so large so I began looking into sleds used for ice fishing and chose one based on that information.  It should work out just fine.  I added the tow arms so I can control it when I go down hills; to keep the pulk from ramming me from behind.

Grant also wanted to know how long my stays are and what I like to do while there.
It takes about a half hour to hike in from the nearest road.  My stays this time of year are usually kept to only a couple of days, though sometimes I will hike out just to feed the birds and deer.  I have packed the snow down pretty good but we have had more lately so tomarrow I will probably have to try my snow shoes.  I purchased two styles from ebay last summer and am excited to try them out.  Once I arrive, I go in and fire up the little propane heater, then I go out and fill the bird and deer feeders.  I like to get this done before 3 p.m. as the deer usually arrive by 4 or 4:30. 

If there has been snow, I will clean off the roof.  Sometimes I will build a small fire in the pit and enjoy that for a couple of hours.  If it is dark out the deer will still come around as long as I am still and don't make sudden moves.  They will not come around in the daylight hours if I am outside.  That is fine with me as I want them to remain cautious of man, they will live longer, if you know what I mean.  I do not hunt anything and there is no hunting on our land anyway.  I don't even like killing mice as they deserve their little lives too!

As for my winter activities, they include:  Writing notes as to things I would like to do in the spring.  I read tons and enjoy listening to music or even playing a little music myself.  I take a lot of video and still photographs, obviously I enjoy watching the deer and birds and squirrels.  I put on the coffee and ocasionally have a toddy or three.  There is a small pond on the property.  I am going to hike out on the ice and drill a few holes to check the depths.  The pond is small, maybe only a half acre but even in this drought its level has not dropped much so there must be a spring or two within.

I also have been making notes as to the garden I am planning this spring.  What veggies I will grow and how I will preserve them in the fall.  I will start out small, approximately ten feet square.  If I am successful I will go larger in 2011.  We shall see.  

When the time comes I have a very comfy bed in which to sleep.

That is some of what I like to do when spending my winter in the "Realm"  Living with nature, simply.  Until later,  -Rick 

Tested the pulk today.  Worked great, very little load on me, a bit going up hill but otherwise good.  The snow shoes worked well also.  Breaking new path was slow and the trip took an hour rather than the usual half hour.  Lots of snow and ice removed from cabin top.  All is well.


  1. Seems like a wise idea! I had no idea such things where available comercially. Let us all know how well that works for getting to your cabin.

    As an interesting side note, I don't believe you really mentioned exactly what your trips are like. What do you bring with each trip, how long do you stay, what are your favorite activities when you get there sort of stuff.

  2. Grant, I will add to the above blog as you bring up an interesting comment. -Rick

  3. Ive read quite a few blogs in my life. Yours is impossibly perfect. Thanks for sharing and please keep it up. Alan

  4. Thanks for the confidence builder, Alan

  5. Excellent post. I like the sled and will be on the lookout for one. Last year we used those cheap disks kids use to play in the snow with. They worked OK but the load took a lot of securing and until a track was formed were difficult to steer.

    Thanks for sharing the adventure!

  6. Great post Rick! The cabin looks great and I can tell you've been busy!

    Looking forward to the new book... Ben